Backup and Disaster Recovery

'Keep your business running'

In 2016, the Wall Street Journal quoted the following statistics to consider:

‘54% of companies report they have experienced downtime from a single event, lasting more than 8 hours.’

‘1 in 3 organisations have reported to be hit by a virus or malware attack within the last 5 years.’

Whether it is security threats like ransomware, a natural disaster or even human error, your business can’t afford to be down.  Stay one step ahead of potential disasters.

Our specialised software uses the latest backup technology to snapshot your entire system (including operating systems, applications and databases) at regular intervals throughout the day and night, while you work and without interruption.

We can assist you with implementing a complete disaster recovery strategy with options for automated offsite backup to our partnership provider, regular backup testing and ongoing backup monitoring and maintenance for complete peace of mind.

Our highly experienced professionals can equip your business with the right Business Recovery Plan to suite your business needs with the right systems in place.  Should disaster strike, we have the ability to rapidly recover critical business information in a matter of minutes, keeping your organisation up and running and employees productive.  You can even continue to operate systems as you recover.

No matter how basic or complex your disaster recovery requirements, Corporate IT Connect will be there all the way to protect your data, manage your risk and reduce any potential liability.

Ensure your business continuity is never interrupted!