Managed Services

'One trusted partner to make IT systems work for your business.'

A much more cost effective way to manage your IT infrastructure.


Managed services allows our clients to reduce the costs of supporting their IT infrastructure.  Engaging our team will ensure a reliable and efficient system at all times.  This is achieved by routinely performing important and often overlooked maintenance tasks, including the regular patching of servers, desktops and core network devices to ensure your system is running at its peak efficiency.

Another vital component of Managed Services is the real-time monitoring of IT infrastructure to ensure they are working correctly and will act to quickly remediate anything that may cause a disruption to IT services. That’s right, we know if there’s a problem before our clients do.

As part of Managed Services we also provide our clients with monthly executive reporting on all activities performed on their IT infrastructure so they can have confidence that their systems and data are secure and well managed.

Our Managed Services can be tailored to your specific needs, no matter what size your business is, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Our Managed Services plans include:

Service Level Agreement (SLA) with committed response time

Fixed price remote and/or onsite support

Dedicated helpdesk and integrated ticketing

Real-time monitoring

Server/desktop patch management

Backup monitoring and management

Antivirus administration

Regular backup restores

Hardware and software auditing

Performance monitoring and reporting

…. and much more!

Our Managed Services plans can be tailored to your specific business needs.